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At HomeKeepr, we know that the best jobs are those you get through “word-of-mouth”. These clients already have trust established before ever meeting you, making it far easier to win their business. But word-of-mouth is entirely out of your control — until now. HomeKeepr captures Realtor-to-client referrals and makes them searchable by other homeowners in your community. There’s no SEO magic and no fake reviews to contend with. The HomeKeepr search engine is powered by real referrals from real people.

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Turbo charge your word-of-mouth marketing

Premium Placement

HomeKeepr Advantage means that you’ll be discovered by local homeowners searching for your services.

Enhanced Networking

Networking is key to driving word-of-mouth. Let HomeKeepr introduce you to our referral network representing the best Realtors in your community.


Anyone can be referred, but not everyone can be HomeKeepr Advantage. Limited to just 3 pros per area, we deliver on our promise to you.

Powered by referrals, not reviews

HomeKeepr puts you in front of the right homeowners at the right time.

Realtors use HomeKeepr to let their current clients – those about to buy or sell a home – and past clients know which pros to trust and who to do business with. It’s these referrals that power our search engine. Homeowners come to HomeKeepr with the security that someone in our network has personally endorsed everyone here. It means better calls from homeowners who want to work with you.

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You might not be ready for Advantage but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on everything else HomeKeepr has to offer — like the branded shareable blog posts we’ll create for your social media campaigns twice a week or your own branded home maintenance app that will keep customers calling you when they need help.

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