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Why HomeKeepr?

HomeKeepr is a custom-branded, always up-to-date app built for real estate agents that enables you to unlock the power of your network by connecting clients with your most trusted home service relationships — everyone from landscapers to lenders. Then HomeKeepr keeps you in touch with your clients long after the sale through custom-branded blog posts and valuable home maintenance tips.

Stay in touch

Our custom-branded blog posts and monthly home maintenance reminders keep you top-of-mind with clients long after the close.

Remain Valuable

Your clients will come back to HomeKeepr again and again to tap into your local expertise and find trustworthy local pros.

Win referral business

Your past happy clients are your best source of referral business. HomeKeepr makes sure you’re in a position to win that business for long into the future.

Your own personally branded referral engine

Share your local expertise.

Do your clients ask for recommendations for handymen, plumbers, or everyone else you know? Of course they do. Realtors use HomeKeepr to remain valuable and drive referrals by connecting clients to their favorite local businesses — everyone from painters and plumbers to lenders and lawyers. Upload all your favorite vendors, contractors, and home service pros into our beautiful custom-branded home management app — then share it with every one of your clients.

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Custom-branded blog posts

Solid advice your homeowner clients will love.

Every week we produce content that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or anywhere else your clients might be. Each post will cover some aspect of the homeownership life cycle. The best part… Every shared post is branded to you! All posts include your profile picture, contact information, website and links for readers to connect to your HomeKeepr profile. Try HomeKeepr free for 1 month.

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Your local expertise on display

Embed the personally branded pro search widget on your website.

It should be crystal clear to visitors on your real estate website that you’re a local expert in your community. Does your website get that message across? Most do not. Embed the personally branded pro search widget on your website to proudly display your local expertise and give visitors a reason to come back again and again.

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Real Estate Franchises

HomeKeepr offers an unparalleled means of enriching every agent’s relationship with clients, systemwide. We enable every broker to leverage their sphere of influence by aggregating their contractor lists on our platform.

Independent Real Estate Brokerages

Every broker, large or small, can benefit from HomeKeepr’s relationship-building tools. We enable brokers to offer a personalized, co-branded application to agents that increase repeat and referral business.

Mortgage Brokers

HomeKeepr enables every loan officer to easily go the extra mile by adding value through their sphere of influence. Loan officers can offer a personalized, co-branded app to new homeowners at the close, cementing their relationships for the future.

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