Home Service Professionals

  • How do I get recommended on HomeKeepr?

    That’s easy. Ask your favorite REALTOR partner if they’re on HomeKeepr, and ask to be recommended on our platform. We have partnerships with many major real estate brands, including Keller Williams and RE/MAX. Chances are, you already know someone who is using HomeKeepr to stay in touch with their clients.


  • What is HomeKeepr?

    HomeKeepr is simply the best way to manage your largest asset, your home. Our mobile app will create a fully customized home maintenance calendar based on the answers you give to a few simple questions. We follow up with you monthly by sending maintenance reminders directly to your phone along with advice on how to handle them. In many cases we also allow local real estate agents to provide recommended local vendors who can help you out if the task is too hard, too specialized, or just too time consuming for you to do yourself.

  • You asked for permission to send push notifications to my phone. Why?

    When a home maintenance reminder comes due, we will send you a notification directly to your phone so you are aware of it instantaneously. This feature can be shut off inside HomeKeepr at any time by clicking on the “Account” button or on your phone by managing your settings.

  • Why don’t I have any vendors in my directory?

    If your directory is empty, it is for 1 of 2 reasons:

    • You are not yet linked to a local real estate pro who has preferred local vendors to share with you (link me to a pro)
    • You are linked to a pro but they have not added any vendors to your directory yet (ask to add vendors).
  • How do you create my home maintenance calendar?

    We ask 10 simple questions upon downloading the app. Things like “What type of home do you have?”, “Is it warm or cold where you live?” and “Do you have a wood burning fireplace?” Based on the answers you give, we create a personalized maintenance calendar that is specific to your home.

  • How much does HomeKeepr cost?

    We’re glad you asked! It’s free for all homeowners.

Local Experts

  • Are my vendor lists private?

    We understand that your contractor/vendor lists are part of your competitive advantage. That’s why they’re always private unless you explicitly share your vendors with your colleagues. However, if you don’t have a vendor to offer in a particular category (for example, you don’t know any electricians or painters), you can add recommended vendors to your list courtesy of other local experts. That’s why it makes sense to share your vendors, so that everyone can benefit from your expertise, and vendors get more exposure.