Our Story

Local experts power every community. HomeKeepr unlocks their knowledge.

When the founders of HomeKeepr (Rob, Saro and Dave) bought their own homes, they looked to their REALTOR for help when the inevitable homeowner problems arose (respectively, a leaky washer, failing boiler and clogged drain, all in the first month of ownership).

Their agents immediately offered up the best trusted vendors they had. Rob, Saro and Dave’s problems were solved, but another soon presented itself.

Even though their agents had been heroes — they fell out of touch. Rob, Saro and Dave never heard from their agents again. That’s common; some 76 percent of all REALTORS never contact their clients again after the transaction closes.

Even though REALTORS know everyone, they certainly didn’t know everything about staying in touch with their clients. That’s when Rob, Saro and Dave saw an opportunity to create a win-win for homeowners and REALTORS and other local experts everywhere.

Today, HomeKeepr is a trusted partner to hundreds of thousands of REALTORS and local home service professionals.

HomeKeepr unites homeowners with home service professionals they can trust, because they’re recommended by local experts they know and trust.

Agents love giving their contractor lists to clients in a secure, private app. HomeKeepr puts agents’ knowledge and network right in the palm of their clients’ hands.

Brokers love it because it encourages agents to stay in touch with their clients, increasing repeat and referral business and burnishing their brand.

Contractors love it, because HomeKeepr delivers warm referrals, from people they know and trust — REALTORS and other local experts.