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With HomeKeepr,  homeowners will fall in love with their agent again, and again.

HomeKeepr exists to make connections and build relationships between local experts (real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers and other professionals), homeowners and the professional service providers that keep a home running smoothly.

Our partnerships benefit everyone involved. Agents of all stripes have an easy way to stay in touch with their clients. Brokers and owners are better equipped to help their agents stay in touch with clients over the long term. And home service professionals receive warm referrals from people they know and trust.
It’s all about helping homeowners settle in, during and after their transaction.

Real Estate Franchises

HomeKeepr offers an unparalleled means of enriching every agent’s relationship with clients, systemwide. We enable every broker to leverage their sphere of influence by aggregating their contractor lists on our platform.

Independent Real Estate Brokerages

Every broker, large or small, can benefit from HomeKeepr’s relationship-building tools. We enable brokers to offer a personalized, co-branded application to agents that increase repeat and referral business.

Mortgage Brokers

HomeKeepr enables every loan officer to easily go the extra mile by adding value through their sphere of influence. Loan officers can offer a personalized, co-branded app to new homeowners at the close, cementing their relationships for the future.

Partner with Us

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Intelligent Advertising

HomeKeepr is an advertising-supported platform with a difference.

HomeKeepr is always free for homeowners. Any agent can add any vendor at any time, free. That enables us to offer the broadest assortment of home services professionals that are personally recommended by agents — which is what matters most to homeowners.

HomeKeepr offers rich advertising opportunities to home services professionals via expanded profiles and systemwide promotional opportunities.